Summer Re-Cap and What’s to Come!

Cephalopod: A Play Below Sea Level at the NY Fringe

This summer, I spent two weeks in NYC working on Kyle Warren’s Cephalopod: A Play Below Sea Level, which was part of the NY Fringe Festival. It was reviewed by Time Out NY and NY Theatre.

Here are some pictures from the show!

What’s To Come!

I’m currently assisting at Lookingglass on Fedra: Queen of Haiti under Alison Siple. Take a look at the Lookingglass website for more info!

After that I’ll be designing A Very Merry Unauthorized Children’s Scientology Pageant , a musical featuring a cast of middle schoolers. The show will go up in December at Next.

A jubilant cast of children celebrates the life of L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the controversial religion, in uplifting pageantry and song. The actual teachings of The Church of Scientology are explained and dissected against the candy-colored backdrop of a traditional nativity play. Avant-garde performance art and children’s theater meet in a musical that the New York Times called “…A spooky, sharp-toothed smile of a show… a halo of hipness and daring,” while the Los Angeles Times hailed it as “An instant cult classic!”

Finally, this February, I’ll be working again with Pavement Group on yet another punk play. And this time it’s called just that: punkplay. But it gets even more exciting; PG was chosen as one of three groups to participate in Steppenwolf’s Visiting Company Initiative program and punkplay will be performed in the Garage theatre at Steppenwolf.

I could not be more excited and I hope everyone will come and check it out. More updates on that in the near future, I’m sure! Here’s the Pavement Group website.

So that’s the near future for me!


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David Hyman was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He recently acquired his B.A. from Northwestern University, where he studied Theatre with a focus in costume design. During his time at Northwestern, David was heavily immersed in the MFA design curriculum, receiving graduate-level training as an undergraduate.

David’s theatrical background includes training in acting, dance (performance and choreography), directing, devised theatre, properties construction and design, as well as experience in circus arts and puppetry.

Perhaps due to this diverse background, David approaches his role as a designer as one that cannot exist by itself, believing that success of a production depends entirely on how seamlessly all of its elements not only fit together, but complement one another.

As a designer, he is interested in costume design as an exploration of a character’s psychology – the use of clothing, styling and posture to expose or conceal a character’s frame of mind – producing tensions that create a visual subtext. Additionally, he is interested in using costume design as a means of establishing time and place, crafting a cohesive visual world, as well helping to create a dramatic arc for the inhabitants of those worlds.

While costume design was the primary focus of his studies, David is also interested in set design, puppetry, sculpture, and production design, as well as devised performance, dance, choreography, visual arts and performance art.

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