“So much meticulous attention has been given to every detail in performance and design each moment brings new discoveries and revelations. …. David Hyman’s construction of Media’s costume alone deserves an award and Wright certainly wears it well. She may be a killer, but girl knows how to bring the Hoodoo Mama chic!”

-Paige Listerud, Chicago Theatre Blog

“By representing Media’s utter alienation along recognizable national lines, Burroway helps to rationalize her unthinkable crime for contemporary audiences. In this production, it also gives Sojourner Zenobia Wright the chance to flex mighty acting chops: Exploiting our wide-eyed stereotypes of poetry-spewing, orating African tribes folk, she crafts an over-the-top portrait of real pain…. Lea Pascal and Andrew Sa turn in caffeinated, heartfelt performances as ersatz chorus members and Media’s children. “

– Christopher Shea, TimeOut Chicago

Wright’s own voice has range and richness to match her physical expressiveness – there is flirtatious humor, deep pathos, wildness and wisdom”
“there is tension, cohesiveness and stillness…. here is precision, the promised doom, and four beautiful death-effects in perfect succession. “Medea with Child” may require extreme concentration from its audience, but it is bold, ambitious work, unafraid of making messes, and often spectacular – totally worth the effort.

-C.S.E. Cooney, CenterStage Chicago

It’s playing at LaCosta Theatre and details/tickets/whatever can be found here:

More reviews to come!

Medea with Child opens March 18th!

Hey all!

So after another grueling tech, it seems I’m approaching another exciting opening!

Medea with Child by Janet Burroway, produced by Sideshow Theatre Co. opens at LaCosta Theatre on March 18th! Previews begin tomorrow!

This is a really exciting and wild spin-off of the greek tragedy with some killer visual moments and wonderful acting. I’m really excited about this upcoming show!

Check out for more info!

Here’s a bit of a sneak peek for y’all!


punkplay is finally open at the Steppenwolf Garage!

And guess what…


Click here to read the TimeOut review!

A nice shout out from the Chicagoist!

Some kind words from Hedy Weiss as well!

And even more from Newcity Stage and Chicago Reader!

If you have a spare evening, definitely come and see it. I’m incredibly proud of this production and the work of the entire team.

Get your tickets here!