Neglectful David

Hi friends –

I have to admit, I’ve been pretty terrible about the updates. Things have been busy for me recently and here’s a taste!


Sweet Charity closes this weekend. It opened in January to rave reviews and was extended for 2 weeks!



I also had the great pleasure of working at Barrow Street Theatre in New York City on a really special piece called Hit the Wall by Ike Holter.

It’s a piece about the Stonewall Riots in 1969 and was a really exhilarating process.

HIT_THE_WALL_SELECTS-5Sadly, it will be closing at the end of the month, so if you’re in the city and haven’t seen it yet get your tickets here!

As you can see, I’ve been spending a lot of time in the 1960s.

More soon!

Hamlet at Writers’ Theatre Opens!

Hi friends,

Long time no talk. Sorry about that – it has been a nutty summer here in Chicago for me and I’m just coming up for air.

So, Hamlet at Writers’ Theatre is open and getting rave reviews!

Here are some lovely comments about the costumes:

“The color palette for the show is a chilly but extremely elegant Nordic mix of black, gray, a touch of royal sparkle and much fur (applause for David Hyman’s costumes).” – Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun Times

“Gorgeously designed…. David Hyman’s lush costumes have a visual wit all their own.” – Kris Vire, Time Out Chicago

“David Hyman’s costumes have a contemporary frame of reference but make some potent excursions to the past.” – Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

“David Hyman’s costume designs range from the historical to the contemporary without ever looking out of place or anachronistic” – Dan Zeff, Stage and Cinema

“The gripping sense of immediacy and potency owes everything to the combination of Collette Pollard’s remarkably spacious rock-and-brick set design, Sarah Hughey’s eloquent lighting, Mikhail Fiksel’s evocative sound scheme and David Hyman’s suggestively antique costumes” – Lawrence B. Johnson, Chicago on the Aisle

It’s playing through November, so come on out and see it!

“THE REAL THING” opens at Writers’ Theatre!

Hello All!

So, longtime no post. I know, I’m horrible. I’ve just been busy.

But, here’s some press about what has been keeping me busy!

“”You have to find a part of yourself where I’m not important,” says Coon’s flawlessly accented and (thanks to costume designer David Hyman) arrestingly attired Annie, employing just the right blend of vulnerability and ice, of lovable and never-knowable, “or you won’t be worth loving.'” – Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

“As Annie, Coon is ideally volatile and narcissistic, seductive and needy, restless and petulant. An altogether sexy-starry presence… she also has been ideally “dressed” by costume designer David Hyman.” – Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun Times